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Heather and Cheryl take Copenhagan
May 12, 2023

Hear all about Heather & Cheryl's time away in Copenhagen at Orgreen Studios.

I was recently given a fantastic opportunity to visit the Orgreen studios in Copenhagen, along with our Dispensing Optician, Cheryl. Orgreen is an international eyewear brand from Copenhagen and sold globally. The brand is best known for its dynamic designs and technical precision. Orgreen eyewear is available in more than fifty countries word wide.

 The studios are situated in a historical building and when we first walked in, I was blown away by how sleek and incredibly beautiful the studios were. It was brilliant to hear all the details that go into designing the frames. For example, when the designs are finished it can take up to five months for frames to be back in the studios as completed designs that are available to the market. The frames are made in Japan and the titanium frames are conveyed by hand through more than a hundred steps.  We also got to see where the quality control takes place when the frames return from Japan.

The Orgreen team then took us all on the most fantastic boat trip to show us some of the beautiful city we were visiting, we all had sailor hats on which was a lovely touch. Then in the evening they took us for dinner to a fabulous rooftop restaurant, the food was amazing.

Thank you to everyone at Orgreen for a wonderful trip to remember.  I really enjoyed meeting everyone and learning all about the amazing process that goes into creating such high-quality frames.  I am looking forward to bringing back all the knowledge to the team at Urquharts.

At Urquhart Opticians we currently stock Orgreen in our Lanark practice and I am really looking forward to bringing the brand to the west coast and central belt of Scotland it really is a perfect fit for us.

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