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Sports Eyewear

For Sports Eyewear, it’s got to be renowned sports
performance brand Oakley. Establish in 1975 Oakley is
known for its innovative lens technology, so great it’s
loved by Olympic Athletes and sportsmen
around the world.

Experience exceptional clarity
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Technology & Lenses to enhance your sporting lifestyle.

Oakley have created specific lenses for each activity, any sports fan should be an Oakley fan. Oakley frames are carefully created with your needs at the fore front of each design. The sports wrap frames are made with with Oakley’s secret invention, Unobtainium which expands when wet so your frames won’t slip when you’re cycling in the rain, or running up hill in the sunshine! Oakley have also created frames with an adjustable nosebridge, meaning with the press of a button the frame will move away from your face to allow air to flow and stop condensation on our lenses! These are without a doubt the experts when it comes to Sport optics.


Oakley’s Prizm technology was created differently for each sport, to give the wearer optimum clarity and the best colour contrast. Cyclists need to be able to spot cracks, tones and other hazards that come out of nowhere as soon as they appear. Prizm Road lenses help enhance subtle changes in the texture of the road surfaces, so cyclists can react faster and perform at their best.


When skiing or snowboarding, everything is white and detail in snow is lost due to lack of contrast. Prizm Snow helps identify variations in terrain, and to spot bumps, contours and changes in condition.


To play golf well, you have to read the green and spot the transitions between the fairway, fringe and rough. Prizm Golf improves the contrast for better separation of colour and gives you more depth cues to gauge distance and grass conditions.


For deep and shallow water fishing, glare and overwhelming blue or green hues make it hard to spot fish. Prizm Deep Water and Prizm Shallow Water lenses filter out the shades of the colour that is overwhelming your vision boosts clarity and are polarized to cut out glare


When running, off road cycling or for motocross you need to quickly spot sand, rocks, roots and other transitions in shade and bright light. Prizm Trail enhances reds and browns so you can see these changes in your environment as soon as they appear.


Oakley has now created a Prizm Everyday lens, suitable for your day to day tasks outside. With ordinary sunglass lenses things can look washed out, dull or flat. Prizm Everyday enhances all colours in an environment, making dull tones warm and rich for a more comfortable visual experience. In a sports or lifestyle frame, we would highly recommend trying Prizm Everyday!

Custom Oakley Sunglasses

You’ve chosen which Prizm lenses you need, now time to pick a frame. While we have a great range in practice, we also offer customised Oakley’s as well. You can choose the frame colour, change the tips, pick a different coloured Oakley emblem and even change the colour of the nose pads. We offer Oakley lenses in prescription too, so nothing will hold you back! Using authentic Oakley lenses means there is no compromise in your vision with a wrap sports frame even though they are curved. Oakley uses their High Definition Optics technology to give you the clearest vision with an optimum field of view.