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Precision Lenses from a Premium Independent Supplier

We use premium lens supplier Shamir Optical, who are exclusive to independent opticians. Over almost 5 decades Shamir has become known for innovation, cutting edge technology, and the highest quality guaranteed. By using an independent lens company, we have an abundance of options to ensure we get you the exact lens you require. A lens is just a lens right? Not with us! There are lots of options for varifocal wearer, depending on what you use your glasses for. We also supply different types of lenses, specific to the tasks you do and the environment around you. We will take the time to completely understand your situation so we can give the best advice on what lens is right for you.

Autograph Intelligence

We are delighted to introduce this Award-winning lens, the latest bespoke varifocal from Shamir specifically designed for the digital age. Using their Continuous Design Technology and Visual AI engine, Shamir take information based on your age and prescription to determine your ‘Visual Age’ to give you a lens perfectly tailored to your lifestyle. This is just one of the many bespoke varifocal we provide, and if you thought varifocals weren’t for you why not try this outstanding lens.

Occupational Lenses

We supply 2 occupational lenses, for different working environments. These lenses are designed for people using a computer a lot, and based on their work needs. The Shamir Computer lens works by giving you a wide reading area at the bottom half of the lens and a wide intermediate area at the top half of the lens. This is perfect if you need to look at lots of small print, but also look at a computer screen at the same time. The Shamir WorkSpace lens is made up of a wide intermediate area and then a distance at the top of the lens as well. This means you can work at your computer, looking at the screen but also look up and clearly see your environment at about 3 meters. We will advise which lens is perfect for your occupation.

Relax Lens

This new lens is an advanced single vision lens providing just the extra bit of power in the lower lens area that your eyes may need to meet the accommodative challenges of today’s use of digital screens. You may find your eyes are tired, or feel strained from hours of various screen use, this lens helps make things more comfortable. The lens comes in 3 versions and your optometrist will advise which is right for you. The lens can be worn by anyone from 18 onwards.

Smart Single Vision

We also provide premium Single Vision products, including the Shamir Smart lens. This high performance single vision lens is designed to suit any prescription or frame. It guarantees crisp, clear vision throughout the entire lens, regardless of the shape of the frame. If a frame is curved, this can compromise your vision in parts of the lens, so the Smart lens eliminates this with a flat lens design.


We supply premium coatings, specific to your needs. Anti-reflection coatings work by cutting down glare, leaving fewer reflections on your lenses and giving a cosmetically better finish on your spectacles. Our Shamir Glacier Achromatic coating does just that, and has the added benefit of having no coloured bloom, leaving the lens completely clear. Most anti-reflection coating have a green bloom to the lens but this Achromatic coating is crystal clear. Another popular option is our Shamir Glacier Plus coating, which provides the same benefits above, with enhanced visual comfort – especially good for driving at night.

All our Shamir Glacier coatings are easy clean, scratch resistant and come with a 2 year quality guarantee.