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Introducing Our Visual Stress Clinic

We are delighted to introduce our new Visual Stress Clinic, run at our Troon practice by our experienced and skilled Optician Fiona Black. Fiona has been an Optometrist for over 10 years and decided to further her passion for children’s eyecare by leading our Visual Stress Clinic.

What is Visual Stress?

Visual Stress is when words, numbers and text can appear jumbled, wavy or mixed up. It can affect reading speed and can cause headaches, and understandably make reading uncomfortable. Patients with Visual Stress often suffer from problems with glare. Visual Stress typically appears in children but has been known to effect adults too.

What can we do to help?

Your first assessment will be to understand symptoms and complete colour testing (known as Colourimetry). This will determine how we proceed and what tools will make a difference. The consultation will then test reading speed and gage what exact tint will help.

We source coloured overlays, tinted lenses, and clip-on coloured shields. Symptoms and needs can change over time and so alternative solutions can be made. Fiona had already seen patients reading speeds drastically improve using our Visual Stress Clinic.

Our Visual Stress Clinic is private service, as this is not provided by the NHS. The fee is £180 and includes the initial consultation and a subsequent follow up appointment. For more information or to book a consultation please contact our Troon practice.

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