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Optomap Free Trial at Kilmarnock

Book Your Free Optomap Trial Now!

Optomap is the latest technology to become available to community Optometry - on par with hospital equipment. It uses ultra-widefield imaging to view almost all of the retina in one photograph. As you can see in the image below, it gives the most comprehensive view of the retina, compared to the standard camera view. Optomap was created by an engineer who's young son lost his sight when a retinal tear couldn't be seen by the technology at the time. It's completely non invasive and takes only a few seconds to capture the image.

At Urquharts we have Optomap on trial at Kilmarnock for just 2 days - 16th & 17th of December - and we would like to invite patients (existing and new) to have complimentary imaging taken of each eye using Optomap. Spaces are limited so please call us at Kilmarnock on 01563 525059 to book your slot!

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