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Why cheap 'Ready Readers' could be harming your vision

"At Urquhart Opticians, the health of your eyes is the single most important aspect of our service. Sight is the sense that people fear losing the most and so we want to share with you the reasons why we would not recommend wearing ‘ready readers’.Costing as little as £1, we can easily see the appeal of over-the-counter reading glasses and they are used due to an age-related condition called Presbyopia. There have been several high profile studies, including a Which? report to show that wearing ‘ready readers’ offers poorer vision and many people experience symptoms such as eye strain and double vision.* One national newspaper found that 11/12 cheap pairs of ready readers had defects, with several pairs scoring as low as 1/10 for their quality.** So what are the concerns:• Optical centres are often wrong – meaning you’re looking through the wrong part of the lens• The strength of the lens is often wrong – meaning they’re either too strong or too weak• Ready Readers are one size fits all – meaning they’re often too small or too big for different face shapes• Wavy Image – research has shown that many ready readers have a ‘wavy image’, which is a result of poor quality lens materialWe understand that cost matters and our range starts from as little as £40, and you will experience none of the issues above, including an aftercare service. But whether, you choose to buy from us or not, please consider carefully the decision to continue wearing ready readers – your vision is too important.If you have any questions as a result of this information, please call any of our practices and we will be delighted to assist you.*Which? Report 2010 – Ready-made reading glasses – one big headache?**Daily Mail 2010 – The cheap reading glasses that can damage your sight"

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