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Eyecare Ayrshire

‘Eyecare Ayrshire’ is aimed at promoting Optometry services as the first port of call for eye problems within Ayrshire and Arran. Urquhart Opticians are delighted to be part of this scheme which launched on 1st February, 2017, and strives to provide the right service, by the right person, in the right setting. 

The aim of this joint initiative is to direct patients who have eye problems to Optometrists (rather than GP, A&E) who can assess, manage and, where indicated, refer to the right agency. 

Did you know that is costs approximately £140 Per A&E Appointment, £45 Per GP appointment and £21.50 Per Optician Appointment. Therefore, it makes best use of public money to make Urquhart Opticians your first port of call when it comes to eye related conditions. 

As part of ‘Eyecare Ayrshire’ Optometrists will be able to issue a ‘signed order’ which patients can take to their Pharmacist (just like a GP prescription) to obtain a range of eye medicines, should this be required, to treat their presenting eye condition. This will be fully funded and therefore free of charge to the patient.

If you have an eye-related condition, then please call your nearest practice and we will be delighted to look after you. 

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