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3 Helpful Tips to choose perfect fitting spectacles

Getting the perfect fitting spectacles isn't easy. Many people assume they can simply choose any pair of spectacles and that they will fit. This is not the case.

At Urquhart Opticians, we spend time with clients discussing three key factors that should influence frame choice: Size, Shape and Colour. 

Frames come in many different sizes and three factors should be considered with the size of frame required for a client: The Bridge, The Temple and the Fit behind the Ears. Frames come in many different sizes and we always stock a wide range of petite and larger frames, making sure that we have something to fit everyone. Choosing a frame that are is not the right size will be uncomfortable to wear and will also likely impact on your vision.

The shape of someones face is also an important consideration. People tend to fit into 6 different categories: Rectangle, Heart, Diamond, Circle, Oval and Square. Each shape suits a different style of frame, for example someone with a squarer face very often suits round spectacles.

The final consideration is the colour of the frame and it should complement skin tone and hair colour. They colours should not clash but on occasion a bold colour maybe preferred in order to make a statement.  

At Urquhart Opticians, we offer Style Consultations which is a one-to-one appointment with one of our experienced dispensers. For more information, please contact us on 01563 525059. 

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