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What Designer brands do you sell?

We sell a wide range of eyewear, including all price points. Our designer brands include Tiffany & Co., Swarovski, Guess, Tom Ford, Ray Ban, Armani, Ted Baker, Gucci and Oakley. Given that we are an independent opticians, we also have the ability to source a range of eyewear, so if it's not a brand that we currently stock, then we can usually source it for you.

What is independent eyewear?

Independent Eyewear is frames that are made by much smaller design houses where they are able to handpick materials, manufacturers, and every detail that goes into the production of the final product. Their products are genuine. They're designed by real people and in most cases even handcraft their frames on-site.

What independent eyewear do you sell?

We provide a range of independent eyewear. These include Andy Wolf, Face a Face and Prodesign. In most cases, Urquharts are the exclusive providers of these collections in our locality.

Can I buy sunglasses/glasses from another Opticians and bring them to Urquharts to be glazed?

Yes, at Urquharts we operate our own lab onsite at our practice in Kilmarnock. We are one of the few Opticians that does glaze frames purchased online or from another Opticians. There is a small additional charge for this service which is '25.

My glasses are broken, can you repair them?

In most cases, yes we will be able to. We will either do this in house by one of our team or we will send your frames away to one of our external repairs partners. All inhouse repairs are done at no charge. If we need to send your glasses away to get fixed, then there is a small charge of '25 for this service.

Do you sell sunglasses?

Yes, all of our practices sell a range of sunglasses, starting from only '50. These sunglasses can be purchased off the shelf and ready to wear, or our team can assist you with choosing prescription lenses. Our sunglasses range includes Ray Ban, Oakley, Tiffany & Co and Tom Ford. We also provide a special offer for anyone that has their sight test with us which includes '30 off a pair of sunglasses

I like a particular style of glasses but the sizes are not quite right. Can you source similar alternatives?

One of the key reasons that many of our patients choose to use us, is our ability to source many different styles of glasses. Our team have access directly to all of our suppliers online and we can show you similar frames in different sizes and colours and then order these in for you to try on with no obligation.

What should be considered when choosing a pair of spectacles?

At Urquharts, our team of professionals are trained to ensure that you pick the perfect fitting pair of glasses. It's often not as simple as just choosing the pair of glasses that you like the most. We need to consider 4 key factors:

  1. Colour of the Frame: Does it suit your skin colour and style?
  2. Face Shape: Not all face shapes suit every style of glasses
  3. Prescription: Different prescriptions will be suitable for different frames
  4. Style: We offer lots of different styles, from Rimless to Full Rim and everything in between

How often do you have a new range of spectacles in your practices?

Our frame buyer refreshes our range on a monthly basis. We're always working to ensure we have the latest styles and a range that suits every budget. We also carry a different range of frames in each of our 4 practices in Kilmarnock, Prestwick, Troon and Ayr, so if you don't see anything in one practice, then if you visit another, you can expect to see something totally different.

Do you do a 'Buy One, Get One Free' on glasses?

No. But we do offer a Buy One, Get One Half Price on the majority of our range, including designer frames.

I like the glasses that I have currently and they are in good condition, however, I've been advised to change my lenses to a new prescription. Can I use these glasses?

Yes, absolutely. If the glasses are in good condition then we can choose new lenses and put these lenses into your existing glasses. There is a small charge of '25 for this service.

Do you have a free range of Spectacles?

Yes, we have a range of glasses in all of our practices where you only pay for the lenses and there is no charge for the glasses. Our lenses start from '50 and therefore you can purchase a complete pair of glasses for '50.

How many pairs of glasses should I have?

As many as you require, but we would certainly recommend two pairs. It means if one pair is lost or gets damaged then you have a spare pair.

What training does your team have to appropriately dispense glasses?

Internally, we have a range of training that our team undertakes on a weekly and monthly basis. In addition to this our team attend external training assessments and all have qualifications in the dispensing of glasses. We also employ Dispensing Opticians who attend University for 3 years and are qualified specifically in the dispensing of glasses

My glasses keep sliding down my nose bridge, why is this?

There can be a number of reasons for this: the lenses are too heavy for the frame; skin type or perhaps the nose bridge is too wide for your face shape. In some cases, these issues can be resolved by a simple frame adjustment.

What handmade eyewear do you sell?

We provide a wide range of handmade eyewear including Andy Wolf, Face a Face and Silhouette.

What rimless eyewear do you provide?

At Urquharts, we believe in providing the highest quality products. This includes our rimless eyewear which is why we only provide Silhouette eyewear. From Austria they are renowned for Innovation with the highest standards of workmanship and world's lightest glasses. At Urquharts we provide the complete range of Silhouette Eyewear with unlimited possibilities in terms of shape, colour and style. All Silhouette frames come with a minimum 3 year guarantee which is unrivalled in the eyewear market.

What warranty do I get with my glasses?

We provide a 12 month warranty on all of our frames as standard. Our rimless eyewear from Silhouette comes with a 3 year warranty. In terms of lenses, we provide a 12 month warranty but our premium lenses come with a 2 Year Anti Scratch Guarantee.

Some of my friends have bought glasses online. What are the risks?

The main risk is that they don't fit properly. When we dispense glasses, our team of highly qualified dispensers will consider many different elements when choosing glasses with you. In addition to this, they will take measurements such as your pupil distance and if it is varifocals, heights. Taking these measurements at home could result in your glasses being unusable, or, the lenses being thicker than might be necessary. This depends on your prescription.

From time to time, your prescription can also change. It means that if you purchase glasses from someone other than us and your prescription changes, we wouldn't be able to update the lenses. We operate a no quibble policy and therefore if it turned out that your prescription had changed and we had recently dispensed lenses, then we would replace these at no cost to you.

I need safety spectacles for my work. Can you help?

Yes, we provide a wide range of Safety Spectacles. We can offer plastic and metal frames and all of our safety spectacles come with toughened lenses as standard. We do reading, distance, bifocal and varifocal safety spectacles.

Do you have the same spectacles in all of your practices?

No, all of our practices display a different range of glasses. In some cases, we will have some brands that are the same, but within these collections, the styles, colours and sizes will be different across each practice.

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