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What Designer brands do you sell?

What is independent eyewear?

What independent eyewear do you sell?

Do you sell sunglasses?

Can I buy sunglasses/glasses from another Opticians and bring them to Urquharts to be glazed?

My glasses are broken, can you repair them?

I like a particular style of glasses but the sizes are not quite right. Can you source similar alternatives?

What should be considered when choosing a pair of spectacles?

How often do you have a new range of spectacles in your practices?

Do you do a “Buy One, Get One Free” on glasses?

Do you have a free range of Spectacles?

I like the glasses that I have currently and they are in good condition, however, I’ve been advised to change my lenses to a new prescription. Can I use these glasses?

Do you have the same spectacles in all of your practices?

How many pairs of glasses should I have?

What training does your team have to appropriately dispense glasses?

My glasses keep sliding down my nose bridge, why is this?

What rimless eyewear do you provide?

What handmade eyewear do you sell?

What warranty do I get with my glasses?

Some of my friends have bought glasses online. What are the risks?

I need safety spectacles for my work. Can you help?

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