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New collection - Oga

We are thrilled to introduce our newest collection Oga, by Morel Eyewear.

Morel was established in 1880 in France. It’s one family creating eyewear for 4 generations, so as you can imagine it’s a brand with guaranteed expertise and premium quality. They are an independent business, designing and manufacturing frames in France with a Scandinavian influence. Morel had many collections and we are welcoming men’s collection Oga to the Urquharts family.

Oga has a Scandinavian design, focused on functionality using the highest quality materials including Stainless Steel and Titanium. The collection is sophisticated and minimalistic, featuring rich colours for a masculine style paired with a modern design. This makes Oga the perfect collection for a distinctive look that’s still easy to wear.

See the new collection now in our Troon practice.

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