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Introducing Style Consultations
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July 03, 2018

Introducing Style Consultations

At Urquhart Opticians, we have been helping clients choose from the finest eyewear for over 100 years. This experience has taught us lots of things, but none more so than the importance of understanding the many physical, lifestyle and emotional influences that need to be brought together harmoniously to ensure a perfect fitting pair of spectacles.

We understand that purchasing eyewear online or being left to choose from a range of frames on a wall can feel isolating, impersonal and generally under whelming. That is why at Urquhart Opticians, it is our mission for everyone to have the very best eyewear!

Similar to personal shopping our Style Consultations will be entirely focussed on you, the client. 

You can expect:

- A One-to-One Consultation with our Stylist Joan Reid. This consultation will include a Lifestyle Profile and a designated appointment time.

- You'll be treated to a complimentary refreshment of your choice.

- Consultations outside of business hours can be arranged in advance.

- A home fitting service is available on request.

- Frames to be ordered and available exclusively for your Style Consultation.

- Bespoke advice that is tailored to your needs and delivered by our expert stylists.

Urquharts mission to inspire spectacle wearers is a simple one. To be inspired, contact Joan on 01563 525059 to arrange a consultation.

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