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Andy Wolf. Handmade
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February 05, 2019

Andy Wolf. Handmade

Andy Wolf. Handmade

We recently attended 100% Optical in London, the UKs largest Optical Trade Fair. Our aim for the weekend was to introduce some stunning and unique new collections to our already vast selection of premium eyewear.


We chose Andy Wolf. Handmade....

Founded in 2006 by three friends Andreas (Andy), Wolfgang (Wolf) and Katharina, they operate two factories, one in Austria where the acetate frames are produced and one in France, where metal frames are produced.


Each frame is handmade and all components spend a week being polished in a process that includes 90 different work steps on average. Their collection has over 500 frames and they are focused around three styles: 

*SOUL - for a timeless and classic style

*LOVE - for a striking, bold style.

*WHITE HEAT - for an urban minimalist style.

Their eyewear is very popular with celebrities, including Rihanna who wore one of their models on the red carpet in Cannes in 2017. To view the whole collection, please visit


At Urquharts, we are the exclusive partner for Central Scotland, and the collection can be viewed in our Prestwick and Troon practices. A piece can range from £265 - £330, and they include Gents and Ladies.

If you would like something extra special, why not book one of our Style Consultations and allow our team to guide you through the frame selection process.

Make an appointment today, online, in person or by calling 01563 525059.

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