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Here at Urquharts we pride ourselves on being able to deliver where others cannot. Be it a prescription scuba diving mask or custom Silhouettes, we go the extra mile to get exactly what you need!

As an independent Optician we are able to work with many different partners and bring the most exclusive collections to our practices – for example we are one of only a few stockists in the UK to carry Face A Face Paris, a unique collection handmade in France. We also have the exquisite Andy Wolf collection, handcrafted in Austria and the go to brand if you’re looking to stand out from the crowd.

 We believe in truly listening to our clients to find out what best suits their needs. We offer bespoke varifocals, and our new Shamir Intelligence lens is specifically tailored to your day to day tasks. Using ‘Big Data’ and their cutting edge ‘visual age’ technology Shamir have created the most innovative lens especially for the digital age. This means whatever you need your glasses to do, we’ve got you covered!

 If you prefer contact lenses, we have the most up to date technology in this area too. A lot of people don’t realise you can now get multifocal contact lenses, so all the hard work your glasses do but in a tiny contact lens! Available in monthly and daily contacts, our Optometrist will spend as much time as needed to get the perfect vision for you, wither you need more reading help or if distance is most important for what you do. If you’ve previously tried contacts and felt they weren’t for you, now is the time to try them again! The technology is always changing with better materials to make your lenses more comfortable. Take ‘1 day Oasys with HydraLuxe’ our premium daily contact, made with Silicone Hydrogel which lets 5x more oxygen through the lens and to the eye.

 We know RayBans and Oakleys are available everywhere! But did you know we offer RayBan prescription sunglasses with the classic RayBan logo on the lenses and their signature etching at the front as well. So everyone will know your RayBans are genuine, even with prescription lenses in them. This is available with RayBan ophthalmic frames too, for the ultimate RayBan fan.

The Oakley tints are something that just cannot be copied. Why have prescription Oakleys without their patented Prizm technology? Oakley Prizm gives you better colour, clarity and contrast, and comes in many colours specifically made for different surroundings. We source our Oakley lenses straight from their original factory in Orange County, California so just because you want a prescription in your Oakley sunnies, doesn’t mean you have to miss out!

We know we all care about having great looking frames; however it’s important to have the best clinical care as well. We now offer Premium Eye Examinations in all our practices; this includes OCT (ocular coherence tomography) - a 3D scan of the back of the eye showing all the layers of the Retina and the Optic Nerve. This gives us more information than ever before, not just about your eyes but your overall health as well.

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