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Speciality Contact Lenses - The art of the possible...

At Urquhart Opticians in Ayr we offer a Speciality Contact Lens Clinic for patients who require enhanced contact lenses or hospital contact lens services.

What is a Speciality Contact Lens?

Speciality contact lenses are fitted by Optometrists trained in enhanced contact lens fitting and this speciality can range from soft contact lenses to more complex contact lenses such as scleral lenses. (We're getting some training in the blog picture)

Some eligible patients may have been under the care of the hospital eye clinic due to certain ocular conditions and may require a speciality contact lens to be fitted to provide a more comfortable visual status.

In other cases, specialty contact lenses can be suitable for patients with a more complex prescription that may have been told in the past that they couldn’t wear contact lenses because of their prescription.

What are the different ocular conditions that may require a speciality contact lens?

If you have a more complex prescription e.g. astigmatism, you may be suitable for a speciality contact lens as we can access extended range prescriptions, even in soft contact lenses.

In some cases, ocular pathology may be the cause of requiring a speciality contact lens and some examples of these ocular conditions are:

  • Keratoconus
  • Irregular corneas e.g. due to corneal scarring or post corneal graft
  • Non-corneal conditions e.g. aphakia (absence of the crystalline lens)

What is Keratoconus?

The clear dome-shaped window into the eye is known as the cornea. Keratoconus is a progressive condition that affects the cornea by changing its overall shape into a cone-like bulge. The cornea can also become thinner. This conical shape can cause the vision to become more short-sighted and irregular (astigmatic).

Keratoconus is commonly managed with Speciality Contact Lenses. More information on Keratoconus can be found using the following link: Keratoconus - Moorfields Eye Hospital.

How will I know if I am eligible to be fitted with Speciality Contact Lenses?

For complex prescriptions and patients who wish to try contact lenses for the first time this can be self-referred to the practice, where the Optometrist can evaluate and discuss the different contact lens options available.

If you have previously attended the hospital for any ocular pathology and have now been discharged, you can also self-refer for an enhanced contact lens fitting or if still attending Ophthalmology can be directed by the Hospital when suitable for an appointment.

If you are a patient located at any of our Urquhart Optician practices, you are welcome to attend your local practice for an initial review and further referral can be made by your local Urquhart’s Optometrist, if required, to our Speciality Contact Lens clinic in Ayr.

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