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Silhouette - Iconic eyewear
December 05, 2018

Silhouette - Iconic eyewear

Silhouette is the award winning go to for rimless eyewear. Handmade in Austria since 1964, each frame takes 80 hours to make and uses the highest quality titanium, making Silhouette frames the lightest in the world. The exquisite workmanship and their trademark lightness ensure Silhouette is second to none when it comes to comfort. Once tried, loved always – you can have peace of mind when you invest in Silhouette, the only brand to boast a 3 year guarantee with their frames.

What would seem contrasting, Silhouette achieves the lightest eyewear with the strongest materials, and timeless design that never looks dated. Classic and innovative! 

We have a new 50 piece collection of Silhouette eyewear in our Kilmarnock practice, making us Ayrshire’s rimless specialist. You can choose from our wide selection of frames and personalise your spectacles with colour, shape and design – for eyewear as individual as you are. Unlimited possibilities!

For those looking to shine through exceptional detail, our 23 Carat Gold collection embodies complete luxury. Stand out but still feel like yourself in Silhouette. Try it, wear it, love it. Book your Silhouette style consultation now! 



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