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Meet the Team - Neil Gray

Meet the Team – Neil Gray
Why did you get in to Optics?

I did some work experience in an Opticians when I was about 15 and really enjoyed the working environment and variety. After that I picked my school subjects based on optometry and went from there. I always wanted to work in health care so with the changes in the NHS in Scotland this is becoming even more prevalent now.

Where did you study? / What qualifications do you have?

I studied at Glasgow Caledonian University and have a Bsc Hons in Optometry. I have also nearly finished the independent prescribing qualification. Not sure what is next on the list but I’m sure I’ll continue to add to them.


How long have you been with Urquhart Opticians and what do you enjoy most about your job? 

I have been with Urquharts since the start of 2019 but have been involved in optics for 10 years. I think it’s the variety- every day you don’t know what’s going to walk through the door and what challenges lie ahead.


What is your favourite brand of eyewear and why? 

I’m fortunate enough not to require glasses but for sunglasses I’m always drawn towards the ray ban classics. For my next ones though I’m going to go for something a bit more quirky like the Andy Wolf range.


What is your most memorable patient experience? 

I remember there was a young lady who phoned up about some visual disturbances she was having. She said she couldn’t get in until the following week but I felt something wasn’t right so offered to see her over our lunch breaks. It transpired she had a retinal detachment and was it in surgery within 48 hours to have it sorted. Thankfully she had a successful outcome and her vision is still great. Obviously the surgeon in this case is the real hero but she remains so grateful to this day for the quick appointment and referral.

What do you enjoy doing outside of work? 

I’m a keen golfer and have maintained a 1 handicap for a number of years- I try and get out as much as possible. In recent times I’ve got into skiing and hill walking and I’m embarking on the Munro’s.

Where is your favourite holiday destination? 

I’m not a fan of going to the same place twice as there is so much of the world to see but if I was to go back to Vegas I’m sure I wouldn’t be bored!

What is your favourite movie?  

Catch me if you can


What is your favourite book?

The Great Gatsby

One interesting fact about yourself? 

I have a weird obsession with shoes and at last count had nearly 70 pairs!

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