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Meet The Team - Mary Ann MacDonald
November 17, 2017

Meet The Team - Mary Ann MacDonald

Why did you get in to Optics?

I had worked as a nurse in a care home for many years and I really wanted something new that would challenge me. So when I came across the job, I thought it would be a great opportunity to use my skill set and also broaden my horizons in a different field.


Where did you study? / What qualifications do you have?

As I had no background in Optics when I started, I decided to do an online Optical Assistant course to help me understand the role. Prior to this I had completed a Nursing Degree.


How long have you been with Urquhart Opticians and what do you enjoy most about your job?

I started working for Urquhart Opticians when we were still known as Devine and Niven. This will be 13th year and I still feel like I get to challenge myself in this role. The part enjoy most is building relationships with our patients - most of them are now friends. 


What is your favourite brand of eyewear and why?

Definitely William Morris. They have so many different styles that suit all ages and still come at a reasonable price.


What is your most memorable patient experience?

My favourite part of the job is getting to know all of our patients in Glasgow. Picking just one is so difficult but I do really enjoy visiting Rolls Royce and helping them dispense safety glasses. I have been doing it for so long now and it is good to know that I am helping people stay protected in their work.


What do you enjoy doing outside of work?

Like everyone I do enjoy going out for lunch and dinner with my loved ones but recently I have been dedicating some of my spare time volunteering at my local hospice.


Where is your favourite holiday destination?

I am not a fan of the heat so when I have time off work I do enjoy going back home to Lewis.


What is your favourite movie?

It's a wonderful life. I love Christmas time.


What is your favourite book?

To Kill A Mockingbird. I will never get tired of reading it.


One interesting fact about yourself?

My name is actually Mary. Not Mary Ann. When I started my last job there was already a Mary so they called me Mary Ann and it just stuck.

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