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Meet the Team - Lisa Haldane
May 15, 2017

Meet the Team - Lisa Haldane

Work Related

Why did you get in to Optics? 

At school I was always interested in the science subjects, and I knew I wanted to work with the public so healthcare was a great choice for me. I have been getting my eyes tested since I was about 3 as my mum had problems as a child and Optometry seemed like a good career choice, and I certainly haven't had any regrets since! I really enjoy my job.


Where did you study? / What qualifications do you have? 

I studied BSc (Hons) Optometry at Glasgow Caledonian University, and I have recently completed a diploma in therapeutic prescribing.


How long have you been with Urquhart Opticians and what do you enjoy most about your job? 

I have been with Urquhart Opticians for 2 years now. Interacting with patients is my favourite part of the job. I've met some really interesting patients with great stories in my time as an Optometrist. 


What is your favourite brand of eyewear and why? 

I really like the new William Morris frames! They are a great size for my small face and come in lots of funky colours and designs.


Outside of Work

What do you enjoy doing outside of work? 

I play basketball for the Lady Rocks who play in the Scottish national league, and fitness takes up a lot of my spare time. I also really enjoy travelling and holidays and try to get away at least three times a year!


Where is your favourite holiday destination? 

This is a very hard question!! I'd have to say Tenerife; you can go all year round, get pretty much guaranteed sunshine and the food, especially the seafood is amazing!!


What is your favourite movie? 

I always find these things very difficult but my go to movie to is Monster Inc! It always makes me laugh and I'm sure I've watched it so many times I know it word for word!


One interesting fact about yourself? 

I played the bassoon to grade 7 when I was at school. I really miss it and would love to play in an orchestra again one day.

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