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Meet the Team - Kasmin Sarwar...
July 10, 2023

Meet the Team - Kasmin Sarwar...

Why did you get into Optics?   

Seeing the effect of outstanding service from our family optician as a child, I wanted to one day be able to offer the same service to others. Our eyes are so important, keeping them well looked after is essential – and if we can add a bit of excitement to it all with a great pair of specs then why not!  

What is your favourite brand of eyewear and why?  

Currently “Orgreen” – as an independent eyewear brand they keep their frames unique! I love the colours they use across the range and their shapes are so stylish. Also love Ray-Ban for their variety and their versatility.   

What is your most memorable patient experience?  

Finding the most fantastic pair of sunglasses for a young man, not realizing he was a premier league footballer until he called later to make an appointment for the whole team!  

What do you enjoy doing outside of work?  

Spending time with my kids, keeping up with their ever-changing interests keeps me busy! I’m also a member of the school’s fundraising team with the parent council – a successful event is always fun to be part of.  

Where is your favourite holiday destination?  

Our go-to is usually a cottage in the Cairngorms, though a recent stay in Skye has taken the top spot for the family! 

What is your favourite movie or book?  

Harry Potter! The first books as a child to give me that “can’t put it down” read - I’m excited to see if my kids will love them when they’re older. The movies are great too! 

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