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Meet the Team - Chris Williams...
June 30, 2023

Meet the Team - Chris Williams...

Why did you get into Optics?

It was my first job after leaving school, I have tried a number of other things over the years, but I have always end up coming back to Optics. It is just what I know now and I enjoy it.             

What is your favourite brand of eyewear and why?

There are so many to choose from, but I’m currently really liking ProDesign. They have so many classic looking styles that there is something to suit everyone from people who want something subtle to something bold and colourful. Although I’m still a big fan of Tom Ford and RayBan, you can’t go wrong with any of them.

What is your most memorable patient experience?

It would probably be a patient I saw in my previous job who had used the same frame for years and years, because she knew her lenses would look thin in it. She was very concerned how thick they would look in any other frame. By this time the frame was beyond repair and she had to choose a new one. She was so happy with the advice and result of her new glasses that her, her husband and son all came to me even after I moved job because she trusted my advice. It was a good feeling.

What do you enjoy doing outside of work?

I enjoy getting out for walks and days out with my Son and the Dog. I’m a big film fan, I love music (mostly on vinyl - yes I’m one of them) and of course spending time with family and friends.

Where is your favourite holiday destination?

I don’t get away much but most of my holidays over the years have been spent in the Scottish borders.

What is your favourite movie or book?

Probably the Back to The Future Trilogy. Loved them since I was a kid. They don’t get old.

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