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Linda's Trip to Austria
September 30, 2019

Linda's Trip to Austria

Recently I had the fantastic opportunity to visit Silhouette Eyewear HQ in Linz, Austria. Silhouette pride themselves in supplying premium frames which are extremely lightweight and comfortable. They now also offer frames complete with prescription lenses.

On my arrival we had a walking tour of Vienna. What a beautiful city! If you're looking for a great city break you should give it a go. The next day we had our tour of the Factory in Linz. I was hugely impressed with the workmanship and pride taken in each department. Not to mention the Atelier, if you want a solid gold frame with the best diamonds - this is the place to get it. It was fascinating to watch the diamond setter at work.

This was a truly amazing experience but what I hadn't anticipated was how similar their values would be to ours here at Urquharts. This is a company who are extremely proud of their independent status, just like us. They are also committed to training and developing the young workforce. They have a large apprenticeship program and they also have a strong sense of community responsibility and strive to provide premium products with top class service. This is something that is really important to us as well.

 For those of you who have tried Silhouette you will already appreciate the workmanship that goes into every frame. They have an extremely impressive set up in Linz. I discovered that creating a Silhouette frame has approx 264 steps and they are 80% hand crafted. I knew their titanium frames were extremely light weight but some frames weigh as little as 1.8g!

Their own statement is Try it. Wear it. Love it. I’m sure you will, as lots of our patients already do.
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