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Choosing The Right Lenses

So, you’re ready to decide what lenses are right for your prescription.

Our team is always on hand in practice for styling advice and lens recommendations. However, if you wish to use our Online Shop then this blog will help you with your choice.

Currently we have Single Vision (Distance and Near) only available online. For Bifocals, Occupational lenses and Varifocals, we require additional measurements that must be taken while wearing the frame.

Our standard Distance and Near lenses start at £50, and we have many options for thinner lenses and coatings.

There are 3 stages of thinning, detailed below with the Index (how thin they are) beside them.

Thin – 1.6

Thin & Light – 1.67

Ultra-Thin – 1.74

Here are our recommendations for each Index.

Standard lenses (1.5) - up to a +/- 2.00 (unless the frame is very large)

Thin (1.6) - over +/- 2 to +/- 4.00

Thin & Light (1.67) - over +/- 4.00 to +/- 6.00

Ultra-Thin (1.74)– over +/- 6.00

Above +/- 6.00, frame selection becomes even more important.

Anti-reflection coatings help reduce glare, but they also improve the appearance of your lenses. Especially with higher prescriptions, a coating helps cosmetically with the presence of power rings. These are incurred naturally with a high prescription.

We also have our Blue Zero lenses available online which reduce some of the blue light our eyes take it from screens and UV lighting. It also a great option for night time driving, as it reduces glare from headlights.

If you need some advice on your lenses, don’t hesitate to contact us by telephone, email or on any of our social media channels. We’re here to help.

Next, see our Frame Selection Advice blog to help you pick the perfect frame.

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