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Contact Lenses

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I never got my eyes tested at Urquharts, can I still get Contact Lenses from you?

How often do I need to get my Contact Lenses checked?

Do you send Contact Lenses directly to my home?

I’ve tried Contact Lenses before and I didn’t get on with them. Is it worthwhile trying again?

I’ve got a Contact Lens stuck in my eye and I can’t get it out. What should I do?

I’ve slept with my contact lenses in by mistake. What should I do?

Can Children Wear Contact Lenses?

Can contact lenses protect against UV light?

How should I look after my Contact Lenses to ensure the best hygiene?

I’m on my last lens and my next supply isn’t due for another couple of weeks. Can I just keep wearing these lenses in the meantime?

I’ve damaged a lens. Can I still use it?

Can I use Urquharts for my Contact Lens Aftercare but buy lenses online?

I’ve run out of Contact Lens Solution. Can I just buy any solution?

Can I shower with my contact lenses in?

Can I swim while wearing contact lenses?

What are Rigid Gas Permeable (RGPs) Contact Lenses?

How should I store my monthly contact lenses when I need to remove them?

Can I still wear contact lenses if I am pregnant?

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