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Frames In Style - Shapes & Colour
Style & Frames
August 11, 2021

Frames In Style - Shapes & Colour

We recently exclusively acquired Balenciaga to our ladies collection, and we wanted to share the latest styles in our most popular brands. 


A classic feature of this collection is the Balenciaga print throughout the design. The brand includes chunky plastics and oversized shapes. While there is a pop of colour here and there, the collection is mainly focused on black and neutrals colourways.

Fine metals, mainly in gold, are very popular at the moment. As you can see above, Balenciaga mix it up with the metal only at the bottom of the frame and a supra cord at the top holding the lens in place. We also love the asymmetrical shape of this, it definitely stands out from the crowd!

Tom Ford

A well known brand & easily recognised by the gold 'T' on the front of the frames, Tom Ford has continued to represent luxury and premium design. In this season's collection they feature kitten-eye shapes and oversized round plastics.

As well as oversized styles, Tom Ford also always does a classic small, very round shape (think harry potter) that our Clinical Director Alistair wears often! A feature frame this month has been the popular clear style that suits so many people.


Our exclusive Gucci collection has become our most popular designer brands. Gucci always adds their famous logo and often their red & green signature colours. This month our ladies collection features fine, more delicate plastics.

The collection also uses fine metals and the popular 'crystal' transparent style. We're the only group in Ayrshire to carry Gucci, so we love showing off their fabulous frames!

You can book a style consultation and have one of our expert team members help you select the perfect glasses for you. Or make an appointment at any of our practices to discover our latest styles.

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