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Our Journey to Miller Road - The Next Steps...
June 01, 2021

Our Journey to Miller Road - The Next Steps

Our next steps in the journey to Miller Road...

Once we had secured our new premises at Miller Road, we realised we had a big undertaking on our hands!

The property is over 2 floors and we knew we wanted to have 2 test rooms, a camera/equipment room a shared office space, and a Training Centre - along with the reception and dispensing areas.

As the premises had previously been a solicitor's office and had been empty for many months, a full refit was on the cards. We enlisted the help of Hunter Thompson Architects in Kilmarnock and after many visits to Miller Road we has our floor plan. We had to make sure we were within building control guidelines to ensure we would be given planning permission, as we are moving walls, creating new rooms, etc. 

We want to create something at Miller Road that resembles our current largest practice, Kilmarnock. It's a building where we have kept a lot of the original features and really feels like home to our patients. It's important that our practices are welcoming, inviting locations and while we have contemporary elements to the design, we want to ensure a friendly and relaxing environment.

We're now appointing a contractor for the project having received quotes from 3 fit out businesses and we have our building warrant to proceed. All being well, work will start this month. Very exciting times ahead. 

- Peter, Managing Director 

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