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Meet The Team - Scott Watson
February 03, 2021

Meet The Team - Scott Watson

Meet The Team - Scott Watson


Why did you get into Optics?

I guess, wanting a change from what I was doing previously and wanted to try something different. Optics appealed to me because I myself wear glasses/contact lenses so I was interested in learning more about that side of things.


Where did you study? / What qualifications do you have?

I studied Graphic Design at Ayrshire College (back when it was James Watt College) at HND level.


How long have you been with Urquhart Opticians and what do you enjoy most about your job?

3 Months and counting! I enjoy helping patients with choosing frames and seeing the finished product when they come back to collect them. Also, I enjoy that every day I feel like I am learning something new and I’m striving to constantly improve at my job. Basically, I just enjoy a challenge!


What is your favourite brand of eyewear and why?

Silhouettes – I have never been the biggest fan of wearing glasses even if my vision dictates that I need to (with every updated prescription I yearn for the time my eyes were slightly better than they are now). With Silhouettes I still feel like I am not wearing them due to how light and comfortable they are on my face. So, they would always be my go-to for anyone else that also likes to pretend.


What is your most memorable patient experience?

Anytime a patient seems appreciative for the job you have done for them. Those sincere moments of gratitude always make your day a wee bit better.


What do you enjoy doing outside of work?

I really enjoy attending concerts (the sadder the music the happier I become) and drinking beer (a lot of the Scottish craft beers are particularly good because I am also a massive hipster it seems). I also enjoy attending football games of my beloved Motherwell F.C. whenever I can. For the more active parts of my life, I enjoy both running and cycling, with Kilwinning having plenty of backroads leading out into the countryside for me to explore.


Where is your favourite holiday destination?

Hawaii. Purely because I was huge fan of the TV Show: LOST and a lot of the filming locations and sets are still there.  I’d really love to visit and pretend I’m a castaway on a mysterious island for a few days.


What is your favourite movie?

I do not know if I have a favourite. Donnie Darko was the first thing that came into my head though. The soundtrack is incredible. I’d say it’s either that or Goodfellas until another one pops into my head and I want to change my answer.


What is your favourite book?

High Fidelity by Nick Hornby. The movie with John Cusack isn’t too bad either. Is it too late to change my answer to the question above?


One interesting fact about yourself?

The first album I ever owned was by the boyband 5ive!

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