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Frame Selection Advice
June 23, 2020

Frame Selection Advice

It’s time to choose your perfect frame! 

While we love seeing you in practice and advising on frame choice, we know that during this time it might not be as easy for you to visit us in person. This blog will help you choose a frame from our Online Shop, and remember you can also contact us to talk you through your selection. 

There are 2 main materials for frames – Plastic and Metal. Plastic frames have a molded nose bridge, while metal frames have nosepads at the bridge. We have full rim frames, supra frames which have frame at the top only, and rimless frames which as suggested, have no frame at all at the front. 


The fit of your glasses is possibly the most important element. If a frame is too big it will slide down a lot, and with plastic frames there’s not much we can do to adjust the bridge to make it fit. Nosepads are easier to adjust but it’s really important to get the correct size as a starting point. A good way to do this is to look at the size of your current frame. 

You will see on one of the sides of your glasses, written on the inside will be a set of 3 numbers. For example, 52-19-135. The first number is the width of the lens (the eyesize), the middle number is the width of the bridge, and the last number is the length of the side. You want to stick to the same eyesize where possible, or within 1 or 2 mm of it. If the bridge is wider than your current frame, you could do down in eyesize slightly. This often happened with round frames, the bridge is larger and the eyesize smaller but it can still fit if you normally wear a bigger eyesize with a smaller bridge. 


When it goes to frame shape there are many options – square, round, oval, cats' eye... If you’re buying online, we would recommend going with a shape you have already worn or tried on. However, if you’re looking to try something new, here’s our top tips: 

If you have a Round shaped face – Offset this with square options, over sized styles or even the new geometric style frames. 

If you have a Square shaped face – Soften your look with round styles, including oval. 

If you have an Oval shaped face – You suit most shapes, square or round. Try an Aviator! 

If you have a Heart shaped face – Try rounder styles, for example Clubmaster or a round Cats’ eye. Go for a style with more focus to the top of the frame. 


Now let’s talk about colour. 

Below we have some advice on colour palettes, but there’s always exceptions to the rules so if you love to make a big statement then go bright, and some type of tortoiseshell will suit anyone! 

If you have a warm skin tone – Pinks, neutral shades, earthy greens + red. Add hints of gold. 

If you have a cool skin tone – Bright blue or navy, deep purple, grey tones. Try silver details. 

If you have a neutral skin tone – Dusty pink, jade green and mid blue. Go for softer tones or try off white or black. 


Remember to consider your prescription at this time too. A bigger frame will incur more lens thickness if you have a higher prescription. A round frame can hide thickness more than other shapes, and a plastic frame can help conceal any edge thickness to your lenses. 

When your browsing frames on our online shop, don’t hesitate to get in touch for some advice or if you have any questions. Message us on social media, email us at or give us a call. All our contact details can be found under Find us on our website, just select your practice. 


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