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Why Choose Our Premium Eye Exam?
April 01, 2021

Why Choose Our Premium Eye Exam?

Our Premium Eye Examination involves OCT scans - Optical Coherence Tomography…

But what does this mean?

OCT uses non-visible light to produce images of the ocular structures. Sounds pretty smart? It is! It allows us to see aspects of the retina, the cornea and the optic disc which we can’t see with the standard photograph.

During our Premium Eye Examination, we take 4 images of each eye – one fundus photograph (standard 2D) and 3 further OCT images.

How can this actually help?

These scans can detect small changes, early on, that otherwise would not be seen. This technology enables us to identify eye diseases like Glaucoma and Age-related Macular Degeneration 4-5 years earlier than before. Imagine an iceberg, only a small part is seen above water and the rest is hidden beneath. This is how the OCT scans work, they show us what going on underneath the surface.

We recommend our Premium Eye Exam to everyone as a great baseline for the future.

Book your Premium Eye Exam for all these benefits plus an hour-long consultation with your chosen Optometrist. A small charge of £30 applies as this service is not provided by the NHS.

Don't hesitate to get in touch if you have questions about out Premium Eye Examination.

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