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Launch of Glaucoma Management Clinic
March 01, 2021

Launch of Glaucoma Management Clinic

We are proud to launch our new shared care partnership with Ayrshire Eye Clinic, to manage patient’s Glaucoma care in the community.  Introducing this pathway means patients can be reassured by regular appointments solely caring for their Glaucoma. Although there is no cure for Glaucoma, early detection and treatment is crucial to slow progression and preserve sight. With our new clinic, we can monitor patients Glaucoma and treatment more thoroughly, by their chosen Urquharts Optometrist and by Professor Srinivasan, Consultant Ophthalmologist at Ayrshire Eye Clinic.

Ayrshire Eye Clinic

Patient's will be seen by Professor Srinivasan at Ayrshire Eye Clinic annually and between these yearly appointments, a treatment plan would be determined by the Consultant and patients will be seen by our team at 3- or 6-month intervals. We work in constant communication with Ayrshire Eye Clinic to ensure the best treatment and outcome for our patients. This means we can give even more comprehensive care in the community to those with Glaucoma, without hospital waiting times.

Prof. Srinivasan

This service is available privately, with the initial consultations at Urquharts and then with Professor Srinivasan, costing £255. This includes OCT scans, data gathering and referral, plus the first appointment at Ayrshire Eye Clinic. Ongoing management then consists of monthly payments of £43 which includes all appointments here at Urquharts and an annual check-up with Professor Srinivasan.

For more information about our Glaucoma Management Clinic or to book a consultation, contact us today.

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