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Explaining OCT scans...
May 27, 2021

Explaining OCT scans...

A lot of common eye diseases can creep up without any symptoms. This is why routine eye examinations are essential, as even is you have no visual changes or any eye problems it is important to have regular check ups to find any changes. The most effective way we can monitor these changes is with our Premium Exam Examination.

Our Premium Eye Exam uses Ocular Coherence Tomography scans. These allow us to really see what's going beneath the surface, to detect even the smallest changes in the eyes. These scans allow us to see the layers of the retina and measure the thickness, and see the macular and optic nerve.

The OCT scans are completely non-invasive and only take seconds to complete. We recommend these scans to everyone as they are a great baseline for comparison in the future. You can book your Premium Eye Examination online now.

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